Job Clifton

circa 1765 - 1848

Casey Co, KY, Inventory of Property dated August 18, 1854

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This Inventory made the 18th day of August 1854
Between Rachel Chilton + James M. Chilton her
Husband Charles Thomas + Polley Thomas his wife
Elizabeth Clifton + Isaih Clifton Patsy Huff, Liberty
Clifton, Nehemiah Clifton, George Clifton, Wm
Clifton, John Clifton, Josiah Clifton, Wm H. Hinsen,
Jacob Crop + Betsey J. Crop his wife, Jeremire
Hinson John Hinson Jr. Robert Hinson Jeremire
Kindall + Nancy Kindall, his wife, Nancy
Davenport, Wm Davenport, Alfred Davenport,
Thomas Davis + Betsy Davis, his wife, Jobe Davenport
John O. Davenport, Dolphin B. Davenport, Amanda
Davenport, Rhoda Davenport, Emaline Clifton,
Jane Clifton, Wm Clifton + Dolly Clifton by
Joel Sweeny, Commissioner of the first part
+ Obediah Davenport of the Second part Witnesseth
that whereas by a decree of the Casey Circuit Court
in an action in said Court between said Chilton
+ wife, Thomas + wife, Elizabeth + Josiah Clifton
against said Nehemire Clfton + others children
+ heirs of Job Clifton and Joel Sweeney was
appointed Commissioner to sell certain lands
of said Job Clifton said dec'd who in pursuance
of the said decree did on the 3rd day of January
1851 sell to the highest bidder three tracts of lands
in Casey County on the South fork of Green
River and O.D. Jasper becaim the purchaser of
said tracts at the sum of $196.16 cents which report
and sale has been ratified by said court + O. D.
Sweeney has been appointed a Commissioner to Casey
Nov in Consideration of the premises and $196.16 cents in
hand paid the party of the first part hath and doth by
their pursures grant bargain sell + Convey to the party
of the Second part said three tracts of land described
as follows, first tract beginning on the west side of the Creek
at a white Oak N 40 E 140 poles to a black walnut + white
oak 540 E 132 poles to a sugar Oak S 40 W 140 poles to a white ger (?)
tree N 50 W 132 poles to the Beginning Containing one
hundred + fifteen acres Boundry take more or
less. Second Beginning at a Hickory + black
oak saplins N 24 W 132 poles to a white oak S 81 E 149
poles to a chestnut Oak S 44 W 135 poles to the Beginning
Boundry taken for fifty acres more or less.
Third tract lying South of the said fork supposed
to adjoin the land of Sweeney + J Hinson + E Hinson
and Containing fifty acres Patented to Job Clifton
said dec'd to have and to hold said tracts of land
with the appurtenances with the said O.D.
Jasper and his heirs forever and the party
of the first to the extent of the assets named from
the said ancestor hereby Covenants with the said
O. D. Jasper and his heirs to warrent the tittle of
the do tract of land and its appurtenances unto
the said O.D. Jasper + his hiers from the Claim of all
persons whatever witness our hand the the (sic)
day and date above.spacerwitness
Examined + approved spacer the party of the first part (seal)
spacer} Circuit JudgespacerBy Joel Sweeny / ??
Casey Circuit Court
spacer September term 1854 this deed
was produced to the court examined + acknowledged
by Joel Sweeney approved + signed by the Court +
orderedto be recorded
spaceratt Joel Sweeny Clk cer

Casey County: I certify that on the 22nd of September 1854
this deed together with the annexed certificate was
produced thereupon admitted to record
spaceratt Joel Sweeny Clk cer

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