James McKenzie
Martha A. Sinkler
Marriage Record

Putnam County, IN
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Book B, Page 162

James McKenzie to Martha A. Sinkler
Be it Remembered, that on this 22nd day of August 1850, the following marriage license was issued, towit:

Indiana, to-wit: Putnam County.

To all who shall see these presents, Greetings.

Know ye that any person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony is hereby licensed to join in marriage as husband and wife James McKenzie and Martha A. Sinkler and for so doing, this shall be his sufficient authorization.

In testimony whereof, I, William S Townsend, Clerk of the Putnam Circuit Court, Hereunto subscribe my name and affix the seal of said court, this twenty second day of August 1850.

Be it further remembered that on the 23rd day of August, 1850, the following certificate was filed in my office, towit:

Indiana, towit: Putnam County,

This certifies that I joined together as husband and wife, James McKenzie and Martha J. Sinkler on the twenty second day of August, 1850.

Lucien W. Barry

Minister of M.E. Church

~ Scan of the copy from which this record was transcribed ~

Transcribed J.L. McKenzie.

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