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These graphics are free. Go ahead and take 'em.
Right click all you want.
PLEASE download the graphics onto your server, though, we have limited bandwidth.
In other words: Do not link to these images.

Oh, and please don't list these graphics in your gallery or image library.

You don't have to link back here, but I would appreciate it.
If you do link back here, tiny print is fine ~ or you can use one of the buttons below,
or any on my Logos page:

Graphics by McKenzie Graphics by McKenzie Graphics by McKenzie
or you can use a button that goes with one of the sets below.

For additional information about the etiquette of using web graphics, please visit

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phome pback pnext pmisc
pemail plinks psign pview
pblank Graphics by JadeCat.com




ghome gback gnext gmisc
gemail glinks gsign gview
gblank Graphics by JadeCat.com




g1home g1back g1next g1misc
g1email g1links g1sign g1view
g1blank Graphics by JadeCat.com



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