Caty and James Larimore
Divorce Record

Fayette County, IN
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September Term 1830

Book B.
Circuit Court Civil Order
Book Mar 8-24 to Sep 16-31
Fayette Co IN

Caty Larimore \
VS                    } On Libel for Divorce
James Larimore/
Comes the plaintiff by O.H. Smith her counsel, and proves to the the [sic] satisfaction of the Court that due notice of the pendency of the petition in this behalf has been given at least four weeks by public advertizement in the Political Clarian published at Connersville, agreeably to the order of Edward Webb and William Miller, Associate Judges of this court, made in Vacation. And the said defendent al- though three times solumnly Called Comes not. And the Court having heard Evidence and inspected the bill, Enter and pronounce the following final decree in the premises (towit) It is Ordered adjudged and finally decreed by the Court that the bans of matrimony heretofore existing between the said Caty Larimore and the said James Larimore be and the same is dissolved, and the said marriage contract be and the same is hereby annulled, Vacated and set aside, and the Said parties are forever released and discharged from the same. It is further ordered by the Court that the said petitioner do pay and satisfy the costs of this Suit within sixty days or in default thereof an attachment issue to enforce this order  HC [initials HC]

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Fayette County, IN: Book B, p. 372,
Circuit Court Civil Order - September Term, 1830.
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Transcribed April 26, 1999 by J. L. McKenzie.

Thanks is due to for finding this document
and to for providing it to me.

~ Scan of the copy from which this record was transcribed ~


NOTE: Because Caty Larimore felt the need to obtain this divorce, it is clear that she was unaware that her estranged first husband, James, had also obtained a divorce from her prior to marrying his second wife.

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