Caty (Morgan) Larimore
& Amos Milner
Marriage Record

Fayette County, IN
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[Fayette County IN Book B. p. 198]

Amos Milner
Caty Larimore             Be it remembered that on the 23th day of September in the year 1830 the following marriage license issued (to wit):
State of Indiana}
Fayette County }
The State of Indiana to any person authorized to solumnize marriage in said county Greeting: You are hereby authorized to join Amos Milner and Caty Larimore both of said county in matrimony as husband and wife according to law.
Witness William Cladwell, Clerk of the
Fayette Circuit court and the seat thereof,
this 23rd day of September 1830
Wm. Caldwell Clerk

State of Indiana}
Fayette County }             This is to certify that on the 23rd of September 1830 according to law I joined in matrimony Amos Milner and Caty Larimore - Given under my hand minister of the methodist episcopal church of Christ -             Thomas Silver
To Mr. William Caldwell Clk of F.C.C.

Attest William Caldwell Clk
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Transcribed April 13, 1999 by J. L. McKenzie.

Thanks is due to
and for providing this document to me.

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