Thomas Jamison & Elizabeth (Marsh) Larimore
Divorce Record

Rush County, IN
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Thomas J. Larimore
Elizabeth Larimore    The parties by their counsel now come, and the motion for money to defend this suit with the papers appertaining to the same, is withdrawn and therefore the Court having heard the Evidence and the argument of Counsel, are of opinion that the parties be divorced a vinculo matrimoni and that the defendant should be allowed alimony out of the property of the said petitioner It is therefore finally ordered and decreed by the Circuit that the bonds of Matrimony entered into by and between the Said parties and the marriage Contract Existing between them be and the same is hereby dissolved and the parties are divorced a vinculo matrimoni. It is further ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said Thomas J. Larimore do pay and secure to the Said defendant in lieu of and for all her alimony and all manner of Dower or Claim of dower whatever in over or to the personal or real Estate of the said Complainant, the following several Sums of money & Property as is set forth in these words. First that said Thomas J. Larimore to pay to said Elizabeth Larimore in ninety days, from this date the Sum of One hundred dollars and that he do pay to the Said Elizabeth the Sum of Four hundred dollars in one year from this date and the further Sum of Five hundred dollars in two years from this date with interest on said payments that if Each party retain the personal property that may be in his or her posession, Except that said petitioner Shall deliver to Said defendant a bed and bedding - which he received by her upon her marriage at the Sum of ____________ dollars and ____________ cents which Sum shall be a part payment of the four hundred dollar payment that Said Larimore the petitioner do execute to said Elizabeth his several notes with good security for said payment according to this decree. It is further ordered adjudjed and decreed by the Court that said defendant do recover of Said petitioner her Costs and Charges by her in and about her Said defence in this behalf Expended. All of which is finally ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court.

[NOTE: Date on previous page was October Term 1836, acc to Janet Kyle, Clerk, Rush Co Circuit Court, Dec 1996 ]

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Transcribed April 26, 1999 by J. L. McKenzie.

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