Thomas Jamison Larimore Letter

to his cousin, Thomas Jefferson Larimore
Milroy, Rush County, Indiana
November 5, 1847
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Milroy Rush county Ia November the 5th 1847

Dear Cousin

It has Been a long time Between Dreems. I have concluded to place some more of my scribbles Before you on purpose to put ten Cents more into the post office Department. as I kno it needs every mite It Can get. I heard from a Certain McDaniel a few weeks ago. that says he has a relation of the same name adjoining you. This man above named said you was A getting along very well. he also said you was well & your family too. my family is all in Common health such as we have Been usen too. for the last three or four years my wife is the only one of the family But what has good health. I hope these few lines will find you all well & progressing in every good word & work. I have drank my Bitters for sixteen years. I have Been sorely oppressed the last 8 years. the hard times & the Bankrupt law. Caused me to loose over two Thousand Dollars & that queen I Divorced swept 3500 dollars from me. & The Cinimatians Jumped on me & sued me for three Thousand Dollars. & I paid 1600 dollars Interest on those moneys Before I got them wound up. my real losses has Been seviere with Being eight years throwed out of business I never morgaged any property through all the storm. neither Did I hide any. Neither did I suffer an Execuitione to be Issued. Through the great & grand struggle. I have got through the Bosterous oacean & landed by Bark safe to shore again.
By the queen of oald3500.00
By the bankrupt law
and otherwise
Interest lost by the
conduct of the queen
and 500.00 dollars on hogs  500.00
a total loss7600.00

I Can Call 8000 Dollars worth of property my own. after the struggle has seased. my mills earns me from 1000 to 1200 dollars pr year & If life & health serves me I exspect to go to merchadizing about the first of June next. I Cannot be still. If there is any thing to be made I love to have a hand in it. were I present with you I Could talk about many things more than I shall attempt to write. That Dear oald queen I divorced has got through with her loaves & fishes & now has come the loom & swingling flax. I find the oald saying a very true one. Whatever is got over the Devils Back will go under his Belly. I am told that this queen has acknowledged. thus far. that she would give her all If she was only a loving with oald Larimore as she once was. whether the Idea would have been to have made A Better Draw, I would not pretend to say. because

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there was Chances & several opportunities for her to have got 1500 Dollars at a time. If she had have thought to have took it & put Down flatly whether she is sorry. Because, she did not make one of those big grabs on whether she was sorry that she had left her oald Tavern assosiates, or whether she had seen her folly. I would not pretend to say. Which of those rodes would have Been her preference. But, one thing I am in favour of a seperation from all Dishonest fornicators. I would rather be left with nothing than have ladies about me that loves other men Better than me after I have ploited hands with them for where people labour under such Difficulties. Nothing short of a Divorce law Can Correct such people, for such people as give their hand to one person & their affection floating after another. Such stand pejured to the person they marry & they stand perjured to the law of their land & worse than all such stand perjured to their god. Such creatures as those Could never obtain religion while living in such grose wickness. The scripture tells me that none But the pure in heart shall se god. This word shall, must, be as sharp as a two edged sword. Because it is of Divine origin. But so it is that which is Bred in the bone is hard to get out of the flesh. It does seem like some people Naturally incline to be light fingered from their Infancy. Such must steel. If they do it from their Companion. another idea, them that will steel or smuggle from their Companion never loved them. another idea, them that will steel or smuggle of their Companions money or property. has no virtue that they will reserve for such a Companion. every person of sence knows that a person will not steel from them they love the Best in the world & hand of to others. The wicked rouges in our world are those that steel at home & send abroad. Such are the people that the Creator never knew. In marrige. such are fare worse than Judas for Judas returned his traitorous money at the feet of those he took it from & Judas repented for it. but to say is was whether pardoned or not I leive that with his god. The returning of the money was a strong Indication of his repentance. But this is seldom the Case of those family Robers. for their greatest uneasiness is Because they have not satisfyed their greedy appetites. such creatures feels well while Increasing their repeated frauds. But when the thing is placed out of their

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power & then reduced to poverty. They then repent Because their funds have failed. It is not Because their love has returned for the Companion. they have treated thus. This repentance merley Comes Because they are reduced to poverty & Disgrace & nothing more. For such people as would Defraud their companion in one way would every way possible. These kind of Creatures are the most self righteous Creatures on earth for they Justify their own steeling & Curse them they steel from. all rouges do this. This is the way all villians & Defrawders lives praising themselves & villifying them they steel from. I have Been an eye witness to this kind of conduct. I have Been astonished to see such Bold Impudence go on. But it is a common thing in this our day for such hypocrites C--out persecution If they meet A little reproof for their mean Conduct. Enough of this says you & so say I. I will fill up my sheet with something for you further entertainment. Pork is worth 3 dollars per hundred here on foot & wheat .80 cents per Bushel corn 20 cents. We have abundance of pork in our County this year money is plenty Business of every kind quite lively & goods low & plenty & the Credit sistemn is in full opperation which will Bring on a worser day Before many years. our unjust war with mexico has sent it thousands to an untimely grave. The Blood of those sufferers must Cry from the earth against James K. Polk. The earth is Drenched with blood By an unholy war. Annexation of a Territory we once sold & got all we asked for it. If I was to sell you a horse & get my pay & afterwards steel him, would you call me an honest man. what is the odds Between That & the annexation of Texes. I think it would take a hottent-- phelosopher to explain the Difference. After all this. I pity ou- Brethering in arms & as they are Called into the Battle feild. I glory in their Being victorious. But when we wrightly appreciate Justice we Cannot Blame the mexican for Defending himself. Provided we had have had any Just claim to texes. We should not have sent an Invading army across that line without A declaration of war Being Declared By mexico. and now, not Texes alone will satisfy our greedy appetites. our excuse for this war was to secure Texes, now some of us want all mexico with all her rich mines. Solomon says The love of money is the root of all Evil & the scripture says, when the wicked rule, the earth mourneth. this Text is verifyed in this inglorious war, when a hypocrite is even a Class Leader The harps of the Church

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is generally hung upon the willows. I hope there is a better day a coming when the true light will shine forth again & the halls of Congress will be alluminated with a band of honest men. That will Take their Countries cause in hand. Because we are strong & a mighty nation. That does not say that we should oppress the poor, the widow & fatherless. how many widows & fatherless has this unjust war made. This would Be more than a philidelphia lawyer Could answer now after all the ----- Does not want mexico If slavery is to be kept out & we find in all that mexico has proved to yield. They file their provision against Involuntary slavery. These people altho Charged with Ignorance Tyranny & oppression seems to be one step a head of american slave holders. please Answer this epistle & place ten cents more in the post office. I remain your friend & Distant relation with Due respect

          To Thos. J Larimore                       Thos. J Larimore

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The sheet is addressed to
Mr. Thomas J. Larimore, Jacksonville
Morgan County, Illinois

(in the upper right hand corner of the folded sheet,
in a different colored ink, the number "10" is written
and in the lower left corner is written "Milroy Ia 11 Novm")
[NOTE: at that time, "Ia" was an abbreviation for Indiana]

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Transcribed 10 November 1993 by John C. Larimore

Thanks is due to for sharing this document
and allowing its posting here
and to for providing the transcript to me.

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