Spam Disclaimer

If you have received spam that appears to have come from, you have my word it was not sent by me.

Someone has been forging (also called spoofing) my address to send out spam. If you have received a spam email that appears to come from someone at, I apologize. I don't sell anything and have no reason to send out spam (who has the time?) I'm sorry for any inconvenience these emails have caused. I cannot make the creeps stop. I don't know who is doing it. I have not been able to locate the server being used to send them out. So all I can do now is hope that this problem stops soon.

However, this situation can cause numerous problems, especially if my domain name is blocked by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). That means that people who use that particular ISP will not receive emails I send to them. If that happens, I will have no way of knowing about it.

If you send an email to me and do not get a response within two weeks, please, contact me again. Explain that you had contacted me before and that I have not responded. Tell me approximately when your original email was sent. Also, tell me the name of your ISP and any contact information you might have.

If I find that I did respond, it may, but does not necessarily, mean that your ISP has blacklisted my domain name. I will contact the ISP to determine if they have blocked me and how I can resolve the problem. I will also contact you via a different email source.

Thank you for your patience.

J.L. McKenzie

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