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Jesse McKenzie


1 MCKENZIE, Jesse Lee born Apr 4, 1892, Near Stewardson, Prairie TWP, Shelby Co IL; Married (Apr 24, 1917 Effingham, Effingham Co IL) LARIMORE, Mary Edith (photo); died Aug 19, 1961, Shelbyville; Shelby Co IL; buried Beecher City Cemetery; occ. Precision Grinder, Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island Co IL. Photo of Jesse McKenzie, a sailor, about 1910  Photo of his tombstone.


2 MCKENZIE, Lee Wiley born May 3, 1856, Greencastle, Putnam Co IN; Married (Apr 22, 1880 Hamilton Co IN) MCKINZIE, Emma C.; Married 2nd (Aug 2, 1886 Hamilton Co IN) WADE, Edith Jane "Eda"; Married 3rd (Mar 19, 1925 IL) LORTON, Bertha F.; died Jan 19, 1946, Beecher City, Effingham Co IL; buried Beecher City Cemetery; occ. livestock raiser.
Photo of tombstone of Lee's first wife, Emma, buried Spencer Cemebery, Sheridan, IN.
Photo of tombstone of Lee and second wife, Edith. (Lee's dates were simply added to her tombstone.)

3 WADE, Edith Jane "Eda" born Aug 10, 1858, Stewardson, Shelby Co IL; died Apr 11, 1922, Beecher City, Fayette Co IL; buried Beecher City Cemetery.


4 MCKINZIE, James born circa 1829, OH; Married (Aug 22, 1850 Putnam Co IN) SINCLAIR, Martha Ann; Married 2nd (May 21, 1863 Shelby Co IL) DRAKE, Mary A.; died bef 28 Aug 1886 in Cedar Co, MO; occ. Farmer. [* Note 1]

5 SINCLAIR, Martha Ann born circa 1834, IN; died circa 1861, Prairie TWP, Shelby Co IL; buried Coons Cemetery; occ. Wife/Mother; Died at age 27 yrs, 7 mos, 2 days.[* Note 2]

6 WADE, James Harvey born Oct, 1825, KY; Married (Sep 14, 1848 Shelby Co IL) HOUCHIN, Malissa M.; died 1910, Big Spring TWP, Shelby Co IL; buried Spain Cemetery; occ. Farmer.

7 HOUCHIN, Malissa M. born Feb, 1825, KY; died 1911, Big Spring TWP, Shelby Co IL; buried Spain Cemetery.


8 MCKINZIE, Washington born Nov 23, 1806, Jackson Co OH; Married (before 1828) SPENCER, Susan; died Oct 30, 1873, Adams TWP, Hamilton Co IN; buried Spencer Cemetery, Sheridan, IN, Photo of tombstone; occ. Farmer; Trustee of Adams TWP in 1865.

9 SPENCER, Susan born Oct 31, 1810, Greenbrier Co VA (now WV); died Mar 11, 1896, Adams TWP Hamilton Co IN; buried Spencer Cemetery, Sheridan, IN, Photo of tombstone; Settled in Hamilton Co. 1833.

10 SINCLAIR, Isaac Patterson, Jr. born May 24, 1808, VA; Married (Aug 19, 1826, Greencastle, Putnam Co IN) MARTIN, America Lawson.; died Oct 25, 1854, Greencastle, Putnam Co, IN; buried Cloverdale Cemetery, Cloverdale, IN; occ. Farmer in 1850. The house he built

11 MARTIN, America Lawson born Mar 17, 1807, KY; died Dec 9, 1878, Cloverdale, Putnam Co IN; buried Cloverdale Cemetery, Cloverdale, IN.
Her photo;   My retouched, colorized version of her photo.

12 WADE, Alexander born circa 1797, KY?; Married (before 1825 KY) ???, Paulina living Oct 22, 1850, Wabash TWP, Shelby Co IL; occ. Farmer [Note: Born AL, NC, and GA per son James's Census reports]. [* Note 3]

13 DeJARNETT, Paulina born 1805, KY; living Oct 22, 1850, Wabash TWP, Shelby Co IL. [* Note 4]

14 HOUCHIN, John born circa 1795, KY; Married (before 1823) ???, Frances "Fanny" B.; died Nov 3, 1862, Paradise, Coles Co IL; occ. Farmer.

15 DECKER, Frances "Fanny" B. born Jan 9, 1797, GA?; died Apr 15, 1879, Big Spring, Shelby Co IL; buried Wabash Point Cemetery; [Note: Per Census records, born in NC (1850); Ger (1860); GA (1870)]. [* Note 5]


16 MCKINZIE, John born Feb 21, 1782, VA; Married First Wife unknown; last wife (Apr 13, 1817, Gallia Co, OH) REED, Mary; died Aug 3, 1861, Adams TWP, Hamilton Co IN; buried Spencer Cemetery, Sheridan, IN, Photo of tombstone.

17 First Wife Unknown: Last wife: REED/Crane??, John's last wife was Mary born Apr 6, 1786, VA; died Mar 22, 1856, Adams TWP, Hamilton Co IN; buried Spencer Cemetery, Sheridan, IN, Photo of tombstone; occ. Wife/Mother. (Most McKinzie researchers believe that Mary's last name was Reed. Although there are records that show her name was Mary, and although there is a record of a John McKensey who married a Polly Reed - it's possible that this was not John's first wife - or the mother of his oldest children.)

18 SPENCER, Thomas B. born 1762, Greenbrier Co WV (was VA then); Married Oct 6, 1786 PERKINS, Elizabeth; died 1845, Gallipolis, Gallia Co OH; occ. Farmer.

19 PERKINS, Elizabeth born Sep 15, 1773; Married Oct 6, 1786; died 5 Sep 1846, Hamilton Co, IN.

20 SINCLAIR, Isaac S. born Apr 19, 1774, VA; Married (Jul 26, 1796, Bedford Co VA) PATTERSON, Anna (Mrs. Kern); died Mar 17, 1859, Greencastle, Putnam Co IN. His biograhy, published in "Weik's History of Putnam Co, Indiana".

21 PATTERSON, Anna born roughly 1777, VA; Married 1st (Oct 22, 1793 [bond dated Oct 19, 1793], Bedford Co VA) KERN, John; Married 2nd (Jul 26, 1796, Bedford Co VA) SINCLAIR, Isaac S.; died Feb 1, 1865, Cloverdale, Putnam Co IN.

22 MARTIN, Thomas E. born roughly 1779, NC; Married (Aug 28, 1801 Shelby Co KY) GRAVES, Susannah; died circa 1839, Cloverdale TWP, Putnam Co IN; [Note: Thomas Martin came to IN from KY with Isaac Sinclair Sr].

23 GRAVES, Susannah born May 10, 1780, NC; Married (Aug 28, 1801 Shelby Co KY) MARTIN, Thomas E.; died Sep 19, 1851, Cloverdale TWP, Putnam Co IN; buried Cloverdale Cemetery, Cloverdale, IN, Photo of tombstone.

26 DeJARNETT, John born ca 1777 Halifax Co, Virginia; Married (21 Jul 1800 Henry Co, KY) COONS, Sarah; died 24 Jul 1854, Wabash, Coles Co, IL.

27 COONS, Sarah born 1781 in KY; died 1816 Henry Co, KY.


36 SPENCER, Thomas born Bet 1739 and 1750; living 1799, Greenbrier Co, VA.

38 PERKINS (Parkins), James born c 1750; Married (before 1765), BONDURANT, Elizabeth; died after May 1825, Greenbrier Co, VA.

39 BONDURANT, Elizabeth born c 1745; Married (before 1765); died before May 1825, Greenbrier Co, VA.

40 SINCLAIR, Isaac S. born roughly 1744, Prince William Co VA; Married (roughly 1766 VA) DOUGLAS, Letitia; died after 1775, Breckinridge Co, KY.

41 DOUGLAS, Letitia born roughly 1747, Prince William Co VA; died after 1777.

42 PATTERSON, William born 1749, VA; Married (before 1775) MORRIS, Elizabeth; died SC.

43 MORRIS, Elizabeth born roughly 1752, VA; died 1842Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co, SC.

46 GRAVES, David born 1730 to 1735, Louisa Co VA; Married (circa 1753 Surry Co NC) HOLOWAY?, Agnes; died Feb 8, 1808, or NC, Shelby Co VA.

47 HOLLOWAY?, Agnes (Graves) born roughly 1732, NC; living 1774, NC.

52 DeJARNETTE, Thomas "Tommy" born 1746 VA; Married (ca 1767) HOUGH?, Nancy; died aft 9 Nov 1815 Henry Co, KY.

53 HOUGH?, Nancy born ca 1750 Halifax Co, VA; died aft 11 Sep 1815 Henry Co, KY.

54 COONS, John Sr. born 13 Jan 1742 Orange Co, VA; Married (ca 1767) BUTTON, Elizabeth; died 16 Jan 1839 Oldham Co, KY.

55 BUTTON, Elizabeth born ca 1742; died aft 1800 Oldham Co, KY.


78 BONDURANT?, Joseph Augustine born 1 Mar 1720 Manakin, Goochland Co, Virginia; died bef 30 Jul 1806 Buckingham, Buckingham Co, VA.

80 SINCLAIR, Wayman born 1710 to 1720, Cameron Parish, Loudon Co (or Stafford Co) VA; Married (before 1742 VA) SHIRLEY, (Mary?); Married (1760 Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co VA) SMALLWOOD/SMITH/LINTON, Hester; died before Jul 13, 1762, Cameron Parish, Loudon Co VA.

81 SHIRLEY, (Mary?) born roughly 1720; died roughly 1758, VA.

82 DOUGLAS, William born est 1720; Married (est 1745 Fauquier County, VA) BERRYMAN, Sarah; died aft 1747 Prince William County, VA.

83 BERRYMAN, Sarah born est 1725; DOUGLAS, William; died aft 1747 Prince William County, VA.

92 GRAVES, Thomas born roughly 1691, VA; Married (before 1721) DAVENPORT, Ann; died Bef 6 Jun 1768, Spotsylvania Co VA.

93 DAVENPORT, Ann born Ca 1696; died Bef 15 Aug 1782, Spotsylvania Co VA.

104 DeJARNETTE, Elias born bef 20 Aug 1704 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co, VA; Married (1724, Prince Edward, VA) BYRD, Elizabeth; died bef 18 Jul 1769 Prince Edward Co, VA.

105 BYRD, Elizabeth born 1708 Southampton, Essex, VA; died 1783 Amelia, VA.

108 COONS, Joseph born bef 24 Apr 1712 Niederndorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany; Married (25 Jun 1738 Earl Town, Lancaster Co PA) STOEVER, Anna Elizabetha Catherine; died 1794 Culpeper Co VA.

109 STOEVER, Anna Elizabetha Catherine "Elizabeth" born ca 1716; died bef 1782.

110 BUTTON, John Sr. born ca 1720; died aft 1742.


160 SINCLAIR, Alexander born roughly 1687, Glasgow, SCOTLAND; died after 1710, VA.

162 SHIRLEY, Richard born roughly 1694; Married (before 1714) GRAHAM, Mary.

163 GRAHAM, Mary born roughly 1694; died VA.

184 GRAVES, John Sr. born ca 1665 Northamptonshire, England; died est 1747 VA.

186 DAVENPORT, Davis born ca 1660; died bef 1735 Pamunkey Neck (now King William Co), VA.

208 DeJARNETTE, Jean "John" born 1679 Poitou-Charentes, France; Married (1703, Gloucester, Gloucester, VA) MUMFORD, Mary; died 1765 Amelia Co, VA.

209 MUMFORD, Mary born 1683 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co, VA; died 19 Aug 1765 Saint Patricks Parish, Prince Edward Co, VA.

216 COONS (or Kuntze), Johannes born 1671; Married 2 Mar 1704 Oberschelden, Germany; died 11 Feb 1714 Niederndorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

217 STEIGER, Anna Gertrude born abt 1680; died 1725.


326 GRAHAM, Edward born roughly 1670; Married (before 1694) ???, Patience (Graham); died 1749 to 1750, Fairfax Co VA.

327 ???, Patience (Graham) born roughly 1670; living 1694.

432 COONS (or Kuntze), Johannes born abt 1640; married (est 1664) SCHUSTER, Elsa Elizabeth; died 1675.

433 SCHUSTER, Elsa Elizabeth born 1643; died aft 1671.


864 COONS (or Kuntze), Gothard "Godert" born abt 1610 in Oberfishback, Germany; died aft 1640.


1728 COONS (or Kuntze), Johannes born abt 1572 in Oberfishback, Germany; died aft 1610.


Additions, Corrections and Substantiating Proofs Welcome

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My Wish List for this Line

* Note 1 on # 4 above: Any information on the death date or burial place of James McKENZIE (McKINZIE), would be greatly appreciated.  Back

* Note 2 on # 5 above: YIPEE !! I finally found the maiden name of this Martha, wife of James McKENZIE (McKINZIE)!! with the help of a wonderful gentleman from Indiana (actually, he found it and told me.) And he not only found her last name, but the names of her parents and 3 of the grandparents!! Thanks Bill!   (See her family history.)   Back

* Note 3 on # 12 above: Information on the death date or death place of Alexander WADE, would be greatly appreciated. (Definitive birth information would also be welcome :-> )  Back

* Note 4 on # 13 above:I finally found Paulina's maiden name: DeJarnett!. Her name was on her son James' death certificate - and with that, I could find her marriage bond, which also named her father! Thanks, Kay, for sending me this information! NOW, I'd like to know when and where she died. Help!  Back

* Note 5 on # 15 above: I finally found Fanny's maiden name: Decker! It's on her daughter's death certificate. Thanks, Kay, for sending me this information!   Back


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