McKenzie's Cats

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Rotating Cody

Cody on the Front Walk

Cody, who rules the walk.

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Rotating Casey

Casey under the bent wood rocker

Casey, dainty, sweet and timid, the Mama cat.

Casey and a flowerCasey smells a flower

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Rotating Tippy

Many-toed, bigfoot, baby Tippytoe

Many toed Tippy Toe

Tippy, coy, brash and mischevious, the grown up baby cat.

Tippy by the Window

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Rotating Jo-Jo

Jo-Jo with Flowers

Jo-Jo, the Daddy cat

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Casey's other babies: Pretty Sunny, who looks just like her mama

and silly Jack, who looks like his dad and brother.

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Last, but never, ever least, is Smokey, the affectionate,
who absolutely insists on always being the center of attention.

smokey  Smokey

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The New Guys - Briscoe and Bear -
born Christmas 2003

Briscoe and Bear
Click their picture to see their photo album

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