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~ An Ancestor Of Fred Lee Clifton ~


1 CLAYPOOL, Norton born 16 Oct 1640, County of Northampton, ENGLAND; Married Jul 12, 1670 Greenwich, England, ??? Rachel; died Aug 1688, Whorekill in Lewistown, Sussex Co DE; occ. Member of the Assembly, Clerk of the Peace Quarter Sessions.

Spouse: ???, Rachel (CLAYPOOL) born circa 1651, London, England; died 24 Jan 1718, Sussex Co DE; Married second: FIELD, Nathaniel.


2 CLAYPOOL, Sir John born Apr 10, 1595, ENGLAND; christened Apr 13, 1595, ENGLAND; Married (Jun 8, 1622 London, ENGLAND) ANGELL, Mary (Marie); died circa 1664, County of Northampton, ENGLAND.

3 ANGELL, Mary (Marie) born roughly 1600, London, ENGLAND; died Apr 10, 1661, County of Northampton; buried 4-11-1661 at Norborough, ENGLAND.


4 CLAYPOOL, Adam, Esquire born Jun 20, 1565, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; christened Jun 20, 1565, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; Married (Sep 30, 1586 ENGLAND) WINGFIELD, Lady Dorothy; died 1634, Northampton County, ENGLAND.

5 WINGFIELD, Lady Dorothy born roughly 1565, ENGLAND; died Nov 7, 1619, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; [Note: Buried at Norborough Nov 7, 1619].

6 ANGELL, William, Esquire born roughly 1575, London, ENGLAND; died after 1622.


8 CLAYPOOL, James, Esquire born roughly 1540, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; Married (before 1560 ENGLAND) HENSON, Joan; died Oct 16, 1599, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; [Note: Buried in the Church of St Andrew].

9 HENSON, Joan born roughly 1540, ENGLAND; died Nov 14, 1598, Norborough, Northampton County, ENGLAND; [Note: 6 children; Sir John, Adam, Ann, Dorothy, Bonnye, Hella].

10 WINGFIELD, Sir Robert born roughly 1520, Upton, Castre, Northampton, ENGLAND; Married (roughly 1560) CECIL, Elizabeth; died Mar 31, 1580, Castre, Northampton, ENGLAND; occ. MP for Petersborough.

11 CECIL, Elizabeth born roughly 1540, Burleigh, ENGLAND; died Dec 6, 1611, Buried at Tinwell, ENGLAND; [Note: Married 2nd, Hugh Allington].


16 CLAYPOOL, John born roughly 1520, Kings Cliff, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND; Married (before 1540) METCALFE, ???; died ENGLAND; [Note: Kids: James, Henry, Robert & son who m. HARRINGTON, Elizabeth].

17 METCALFE, ??? born roughly 1520, ENGLAND; died after 1545, ENGLAND.

20 WINGFIELD, Sir Robert born before 1483, Upton, Castre, Northampton, ENGLAND; Married (roughly 1515 ENGLAND) QUARLES, Margery; died Feb 4, 1574/5, Castre, Northampton, ENGLAND.

21 QUARLES, Margery born roughly 1520, Ufford, Norfolk, ENGLAND; died before Jun 4, 1574, Ufford, Norfolk, ENGLAND; [Note: Father: John or George QUARLES of Ufford, Norfolk].

22 CECIL, Sir Richard born roughly 1520, of Burleigh, ENGLAND; died after 1540, ENGLAND; occ. Sheriff of Norhamptonshire & Custodian of Windsor Castle.


34 METCALFE, Thomas born roughly 1495, ENGLAND; died after 1520, ENGLAND.

40 WINGFIELD, Sir Henry born before 1431, Oxford, Suffolk County, Kent, ENGLAND; Married (before 1483) ROOKES, Elizabeth; died 1483, ENGLAND; [Note: First wife: HART, Alice].

41 ROOKES, Elizabeth born roughly 1460, Kent, ENGLAND; died Chancel, Westhorpe, Suffolk, ENGLAND; [Note: Buried at Chancel, Westhorpe, Suffolk; Father was ROOKES, Sir Robert].


80 WINGFIELD, Sir Robert born Letheringham, Suffolk, ENGLAND; Married (before 1431) GOUSHILL, Lady Elizabeth; died after 1431, ENGLAND.

81 GOUSHILL, Lady Elizabeth born ENGLAND; died 1431, ENGLAND.


162 GOUSHILL, Sir Robert born before 1405, ENGLAND; Married FITZ-ALAN, Lady Elizabeth; died ENGLAND; occ. Knight, Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor, County Derby; [Note: Was Esquire to the first Duke of Norfolk].

163 FITZ-ALAN, Lady Elizabeth born before 1398, ENGLAND; died Jul 8, 1425, ENGLAND.


326 FITZ-ALAN K.G., Sir Richard born before 1375, ENGLAND; Married (before 1398) deBOHUN, Lady Elizabeth; died 1398, ENGLAND; occ. Tenth Earl of Arundel.

327 deBOHUN, Lady Elizabeth born before 1360, ENGLAND; died ENGLAND.


654 deBOHUN, William born before 1337, ENGLAND; Married (before 1360) BARTHOLOMEW, Lady Elizabeth; died 1360, ENGLAND; occ. Created 1337, Earl of Northampton; Installed K.G. 1349.

655 BARTHOLOMEW, Lady Elizabeth born before 1337, ENGLAND; died ENGLAND; occ. Widow of de MORTIMER, Edmund; [Note: Dau of BARTHOLOMEW, Baron de Badlesmere].


1308 deBOHUN, Humphrey born roughly 1280, ENGLAND; Married (Nov 14, 1302 ENGLAND) PLANTAGENET, Princess Elizabeth; died after 1321, ENGLAND; occ. Earl of Hereford & Essex, Lord High Constable, K. 1321.

1309 PLANTAGENET, Princess Elizabeth born roughly 1280, ENGLAND; died ENGLAND.


2618 PLANTAGENET, King Edward I, King of England born Jul 17, 1239, ENGLAND; died Jul 7, 1307, ENGLAND; occ. King of England.

2619 Princess Eleanor of Castile, born SPAIN.


5236 PLANTAGENET, King Henry III born 1207, ENGLAND; Married (Jan 14, 1235/6) BERENGER, Eleanore; died 1272, ENGLAND; occ. King from 1216-1272.

5237 BERENGER, Eleanore born roughly 1210; died after 1239, ENGLAND; [Note: Dau of BERENGER, Raymund, Count of Province].


10472 PLANTAGENET, King John born Dec 24, 1160, ENGLAND; Married (Aug 24, 1200 Bordeaux; His second marriage, FRANCE) TAILLEFER, Isabella; died 1216, ENGLAND; occ. King from 1199-1216.

10473 TAILLEFER, Isabella born roughly 1188, Angoulême, FRANCE; died May 31, 1246, Fontevraud, Fontevraud Abbey, FRANCE; occ. Queen 8 OCT 1200, Westminster Abbey, London, England; [Note: Dau of Aymer de Tullefer, Count of Angouleame].


20944 PLANTAGENET, King Henry II born Mar 25, 1133, Le Mans, Anjou, FRANCE; Married (May 18, 1152 Bordeaux Cathedral, FRANCE) Eleanore of Aquitaine; died Jul 6, 1189, Chinon Castle, FRANCE; occ. King of England Acceded: 19 Dec 1154, Westminster Abbey, London; [Note: Interred: Fontevraud Abbey, France].

20945 Eleanore of Aquitaine born circa 1122, Chateau de Belin, Guinne, FRANCE; died Apr 1, 1204, Fontevraud Abbey, Maine-et-Loire [Note: Interred: Fontevraud Abbey, France].

20946 TAILLEFER, Count Aymer of Angoulême born before 1168, FRANCE; Married (before 1188) de COURTENAY, Alice; died 1218, FRANCE; occ. Count.

20947 de COURTENAY, Alice born before 1168.


41888 PLANTAGENET, Geoffrey V the Fair, Count of Anjou and Maine born Aug 24, 1113, FRANCE; Married (May 22, 1128 Anjou, Le Mans Cathedral, FRANCE) BEAUCLERC, Matilda the Empress, Queen of England; died Sep 7, 1151, Château-du-Loir, FRANCE.

41889 BEAUCLERC, Matilda the Empress, Queen of England born circa 1104, Winchester, ENGLAND; died Sep 10, 1167, Abbey of Notre Dame des Prés, Rouen, FRANCE; [Note: Interred: Rouen Cathedral, Rouen, France].


83778 BEAUCLERC, Henry I, King of England born circa Sep, 1068, Selby, Yorkshire, ENGLAND; Married (Nov 11, 1100 London, Westminster Abbey, ENGLAND) Matilda of Scotland (Edith)/(Maud); died Dec 1, 1135, St Denis-le-Fermont, Near Gisors, FRANCE; occ. King of England: 6 AUG 1100, Westminster Abbey, London; [Note: Interred: Reading Abbey, Berkshire].

83779 Matilda of Scotland (Edith)/(Maud) born circa 1080, Dunfermline, SCOTLAND; died May 1, 1118, Westminster Palace Interred: Westminster Abbey, London, ENGLAND; buried Westminster Abbey Cemetery.


167556 William the Conqueror, King of England (William I) born 1028, Falaise, Normandy, FRANCE; Married (1053 Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy, FRANCE) Matilda of Flanders; died Sep 9, 1087, Hermentrube, Near Rouen, FRANCE; occ. Acceded: Dec 25, 1066, Westminster Abbey, London, England; [Note: Interred: St Stephen Abbey, Caen, Normandy].

167557 Matilda of Flanders born circa 1031, Flanders, FRANCE; died Nov 2, 1083, Caen, Normandy, FRANCE.

167558 Malcolm III Caennmor of Scotland, King of Scotland born c. 1031; Married 1st, (c. 1066) Finnsdottir, Ingibiorg "Earls' Mother"; Married 2nd, (1068 Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, SCOTLAND) Atheling, Margaret (St.) the Exile. Acceded: Apr 25, 1058, Scone Abbey, Perthshire; Died: Nov 13, 1093, Alnwick Castle. Interred: Escorial, Madrid, Spain [Note: Slew Macbeth 1057. King of Strathclyde.]

167559 Atheling, Margaret (St.) the Exile born 1045, HUNGARY; died Nov 16, 1093, Edinburgh Castle, SCOTLAND; [Note: Interred: Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, SCOTLAND; Canonized 1250: her feast day is November 16th. Her remains were removed to Escorial Spain and her head to Douai, France.]


335114 Baldwin V "the Pious" of Flanders, Count of Flander born roughly 1012, FRANCE; Married (1028) CAPET, Adela (Alix) of France, Princess; died Sep 1, 1067, Lille, FRANCE.

335115 CAPET, Adela (Alix) of France, Princess born 1009, FRANCE; died Jan 8, 1078/9, Messinesmonastre, FRANCE.

335116 Duncan I the Gracious of Scotland, King of Scotland. Born c. 1001; Married c. 1030 to Aelflaed (Sybil) of Northumbria; Acceded: Nov 25, 1034; died Aug 14 1040, Bothganowan, Elgin; Interred: Isle of Iona, Scotland; [Notes: King of Strathclyde. Murdered by Macbeth.]

335117 Aelflaed (Sybil) of Northumbria born roughly 1010, died after 1035.


670228 Baldwin IV "Fair Beard" of Flanders, Earl/Count of Flan born 980, FRANCE; Married (before 1012) Ogive of Luxembourg (Otina/Ogiva/Otgina); died May 30, 1035.

670229 Ogive of Luxembourg (Otina/Ogiva/Otgina) born roughly 990; died 1030, Flanders probably, FRANCE.

670230 CAPET, Robert II the Pious, of France, King of France born Mar 27, 972, FRANCE; Married (before 1009) Constance of Arles\Tolouse; died after 1009, FRANCE; occ. King of France.

670231 Constance of Arles\Tolouse born roughly 973, FRANCE; died after 1009, FRANCE.


1340456 Arnolph II of Flanders, Count of Flanders born circa 961, FRANCE; Married (968) Rozela (Susanna) of Italy; died 988, FRANCE; occ. Count of Flanders and Artois.

1340457 Rozela (Susanna) of Italy born roughly 960, ITALY; died 1003.


2680912 Baldwin III of Flanders, Count of Flanders & Artois born 940, Flanders probably, FRANCE; Married (before 961) Billung, Matilda; died Nov 1, 962, Flanders probably, FRANCE.

2680913 BILLUNG, Matilda born roughly 940; died May 25, 1008, Flanders probably, FRANCE.


5361824 Arnolph I the Great of Flanders, Count of Flanders born before 918, Flanders probably, FRANCE; Married (before 940) Alice of Vermandois; died 965; occ. Count of Flanders: Acceded 918.

5361825 Alice of Vermandois born 910; died 960, Flanders probably, FRANCE; [Note: Fifth in descent from Charlemagne].


10723648 Baldwin II "the Bald" of Flanders, Count of Flanders born circa 863, FRANCE; Married (b918) AEfthryth; died Sep 10, 918, Flanders probably, FRANCE; occ. Count of Flanders: Acceded 879.

10723649 AEfthryth born roughly 893; died Jun 7, 929, FRANCE; [Note: Interred: St. Peters Abbey, Ghent, Belgium].


21447296 Baldwin I "Bras der Fer", Count of Flanders born roughly 740, FRANCE; Married (862 Her 3rd Marriage) Princess Judith ; died 879, Auxerre, FRANCE.

21447297 Princess Judith born circa 844, FRANCE; died after 863; [Note: Married 1st: Ethelwulf, King of England; Married 2nd: AEthelbald, King of Engalnd].


42894594 Charles II the Bald, King West Franks born Jun 13, 823, FRANCE; Married (842) Ermentrude of Orléans; died Oct 6, 877; occ. King of West Franks 843; Emperor 875.

42894595 Ermentrude of Orléans born roughly 820, FRANCE; died 869, FRANCE.


85789188 Louis I the Pious of Aquitaine, King of France born Aug, 778, Chasseneuil, FRANCE; Married (819 FRANCE) Judith of Bavaria; died Apr 30, 840, FRANCE; occ. King of France: Acceded: 814.

85789189 Judith of Bavaria born roughly 800, BAVARIA; died 843, FRANCE.


171578376 Charlemagne Emperor of the West, King of Franks born Apr 2, 742, Ingolheim; Married (771) Hildegarde of Vinzgau; died Jan 28, 813/4, Aachen, GERMANY; occ. Emperor of the West, King of Franks.

171578377 Hildegarde of Vinzgau born 758, FRANCE; died Apr 30, 783, FRANCE.


343156752 Pepin III "The Short" of the Franks, King of Franks born 715, FRANCE; Married (740) Bertrada II of Laon; died Sep 24, 768, St Denis, FRANCE; occ. King of Franks; Acceded 751.

343156753 Bertrada II of Laon born roughly 720; died Jul 12, 783.


686313504 MARTEL, Charles, "The Hammer" of Franks, King of Franks born 676, FRANCE; Married (before 715) Chrotrud / Bothrude; died Oct 22, 741, Ciersy, FRANCE.

686313505 Chrotrud / Bothrude born 724; died after 715, FRANCE.


1372627008 d'HERISTAL, Pepin II of Austrasia, Duke of Austrasia born roughly 650, AUSTRASIA; Married (before 676) Elphide (Chalpaida); died 714.

1372627009 Elphide (Chalpaida) born roughly 650, AUSTRASIA; died after 676.

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NOTE: I have not done original research on the families listed on this page. The information included here came from many sources. The main sources are:

  1. The Claypool Family in America, Vol I & II, Compiled by Evelyn Claypool· Bracken, Assisted by Arthur M. Hurst, W. Lionel Claypool and Dr. Margaret· Claypool Willoghby, Indiana, PA 1971.
  2. The World Book Encyclopedia: CD Version, 1998.

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