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West Baden Springs Hotel
June 2001

West Baden Springs Hotel

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This is the Table of Contents for my photos of The West Baden Springs Hotel. The hotel is in West Baden Springs, Indiana. (Map)

The current structure was designed, built and owned by Lee Wiley Sinclair. He was a man ahead of his times. His sister was my great, great, grandmother. When the hotel was built, in 1901, the news publications called it "The Eighth Wonder of the World!" I wish my pictures could convey the full magnificence of this building to you, but I'll have to be content to just give you a small hint of how wonderful this resort hotel is. To give you an idea of the way the hotel grounds are laid out, I've labeled an old aerial photo of the grounds, for you to see.
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I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and if you ever have a chance to visit there, don't pass it up. If you'd like to learn more about the history of the hotel and its recent restoration, you can visit my web site here.
If you like the photos, .

Note: Please be aware that the pages in the links below are graphics intensive and may take a while to load.

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spacer Digital photos start here:
Page 1   ~ Our First View of the Hotel; The Double Archway Gates
Page 2   ~ A Walk Down the Driveway
Page 3   ~ Apollo Spring, The Dome from the Billiards Pavillion, Views of the Billiards Pavillion
Page 4   ~ Faces on the Billiards Pavillion; The Dome; The Seal Fountain
Page 5   ~ Outside Views and Details on the Grand Veranda
Page 6   ~ The Grand Veranda, the Awe Inspiring Atrium, the Enormous Fireplace
Page 7   ~ Beveled Glass Doors; Marble Statues and the Mosaic Marble Tile Floor
Page 8   ~ The Atrium; The Lobby and Lobby Doors
Page 9   ~ The Lobby
Page 10 ~ Grand Views of the Grand Atrium
Page 11 ~ Upstairs and the Museum
Page 12 ~ The Atrium and a View From A Distance
Page 13 ~ Deer on the Grounds; Archway at Night
Page 14 ~ Lobby Windows; Lobby Safe; Original Chair
Page 15 ~ The back of the Hotel; Birdhouse; View from First Street

Film photos start here:
Page 16 ~ Jesuit Cemetery; Windows in Hygea Spring; Angel Fountain
Page 17 ~ The Garden Arches; View from the Veranda; The Central Chandelier; Bacchus Wall Sconce
Page 18 ~ More Views of the Atrium and a Large View of the Medallion
Page 19 ~ Closeups of the Fireplace; The Dining Room
Page 20 ~ Hallways; Barber Shop; The Supporting Chain Story; The Ballroom
Page 21 ~ Medallion; Pendant; Lights in the Lobby and Atrium; Barber Shop
Page 22 ~ Apollo and the Three Muses; Studies in Marble
Page 23 ~ The Veranda; The Elephant Barn; The Archway at night

For more information on the history of the hotel
and its recent restoration,
you can visit my web site here.

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West Baden Springs Hotel Atrium

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