MacKenzie Gathering

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MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000 ~ Castle Leod ~ Strathpeffer, Scotland

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tp7290115.jpg (73676 bytes)
Almost packed
tp7300117.jpg (38554 bytes)
Our room in Glasgow at the ->
tp7300118.jpg (125279 bytes)
Univ of Strathclyde dorm
tp7310119.jpg (58925 bytes)
The party outside our window
tp7310120.jpg (58416 bytes)
Wall to wall bars; 12:30am
tp7310121.jpg (32071 bytes)
Edinburough Castle in the rain
tp7310122.jpg (41276 bytes)
Edinburough Castle from the bus
tp7310123.jpg (49762 bytes)
Edinburough Castle in the rain
tp7310124.jpg (59728 bytes)
Edinburough Castle in the rain
tp7310125.jpg (59893 bytes)
Waverly Station
tp7310126.jpg (21486 bytes)
Edinburough Castle
tp7310127.jpg (32570 bytes)
Napier University dorm room
tp7310128.jpg (27958 bytes)
Napier University, Edinburough
tp7310129.jpg (43386 bytes)
Addressing the haggis
tp7310130.jpg (42184 bytes)
A toast to the haggis

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