MacKenzie Gathering

This is the Table of Contents for my photos of Scotland.
They were taken in August of 2000.

We toured the Highlands.
We attended the MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000
and generally had a great time!
We met some really nice people, ate some 'interesting' food
and didn't sleep enough.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos
as much as I enjoyed taking them
(OK, *almost* as much.)
If you like 'em, .

MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000 ~ Castle Leod ~ Strathpeffer, Scotland

Please be aware
that the pages in the links below
are graphics intensive
and may take a while to load.
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spacer Digital photos start here:
Page 1   ~~ Our room in Glasgow (Baird Hall), First Tour of Edinburgh, Napier University, First Haggis
Page 2   ~~ St. Andrews
Page 3   ~~ St. Andrews, Edinburgh Castle
Page 4   ~~ Edinburgh, Burns Center & Birth Place, Calzean Castle
Page 5   ~~ Calzean Castle, Glasgow Town Center, 'Coos', Thistle
Page 6   ~~ Glasgow Dinner Boat, Loch Lomand, Iona
Page 7   ~~ Iona, Mull, Oban, Glenfinnan
Page 8   ~~ Glenfinnan, Isle of Skye
Page 9   ~~ Portree, Eilean Donan, Ullapool
Page 10 ~~ Strathpeffer Hotel, Haggis
Page 11 ~~ Ben Wyvis Bathroom, Glenmorangie Distillery, Tain Silver
Page 12 ~~ Tain and Dingwall
Page 13 ~~ Ben Wyvis and Road to Culloden
Page 14 ~~ Culloden
Page 15 ~~ Aug 10, 2000: Clan MacKenzie Ball at the Ben Wyvis Hotel, Strathpeffer.
Page 16 ~~ Clan Ball and Dancing
Page 17 ~~ More dancing; Pam & Angus; The Museum of Childhood
Page 18 ~~ Eagle Stone, Strathpeffer
Page 19 ~~ Aug 12, 2000: Strathpeffer Highland Games, Evening at Strathpeffer Square
Page 20 ~~ Strathpeffer Square in the evening; piping and dancing
Page 21 ~~ Strathpeffer Square in the evening
Page 22 ~~ Strathpeffer Square in the evening
Page 23 ~~ Aug 13, 2000: Castle Leod, Home of the Clan Chief, John MacKenzie, Earl of Cromartie.
Page 24 ~~ Newspaper Stories Of Friday Night's Torchlight parade
Page 25 ~~ Lounge & Bar at Ben Wyvis, Iceland, Occoquan
Page 26 ~~ Occoquan, Lake Ridge & National Airport

Film photos start here:
Page 27 ~~ Edinburgh, Castle, Burns residence
Page 28 ~~ Views of Edinburgh
Page 29 ~~ Mary, Jan & Genny; Pete, Mike, Kenny, Howard; Dalrousie House
Page 30 ~~ Forth Bridge, St. Andrews, Britannia, Edinburgh Castle
Page 31 ~~ Edinburgh Castle and Views From the Castle
Page 32 ~~ Edinburgh Castle and St Margaret's Chapel
Page 33 ~~ New Lanark; Brenda and Tam's horse; Calzean Castle, Iona, Castle Stalker, near Oban
Page 34 ~~ Glenfinnan and the Glenfinnan Monument
Page 35 ~~ Isle of Skye, Armadale and Portree
Page 36 ~~ Scenes in Portree; Map of View from Eilean Donan
Page 37 ~~ Eilean Donan
Page 38 ~~ Eilean Donan; misty Ullapool
Page 39 ~~ Ullapool Hotel and Loch Broom
Page 40 ~~ Loch Broom; Glenmorangie Distillery near Tain
Page 41 ~~ Glenmorangie Distillery; Tain Toolbooth and Cemetery
Page 42 ~~ Culloden; Fort George
Page 43 ~~ Fort George; Inverness
Page 44 ~~ Inverness; Strathpeffer
Page 45 ~~ Clan MacKenzie Ball
Page 46 ~~ Dancing, Piping, Harping; View from Ben Wyvis
Page 47 ~~ Bird; Kissing Gate; Glen Ord Distillery; Torchlight Parade
Page 48 ~~ Torchlight Parade; Strathpeffer Highland Games
Page 49 ~~ Strathpeffer Square, Evening Piping; Our hotel room; Castle Leod Kitty
Page 50 ~~ Castle Leod
Page 51 ~~ Stirling Castle; Airport views; Iceland; Greenland

Bonus Photo:
Page 52 ~~ Finally: the answer to the question you've all been asking!

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