MacKenzie Gathering

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MacKenzie Clan Gathering 2000 ~ Castle Leod ~ Strathpeffer, Scotland

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It was a WEE bit windy.
Jan & Mary at St Andrews ->
Low tide again.
On the North Sea shore
This bridge replaced the Queen's ferry.
The Forth Bridge
tp8010150.jpg (29018 bytes)
The Firth of Forth
tp8010151.jpg (31161 bytes)
The Firth of Forth; looking east
tp8010152.jpg (30299 bytes)
Forth Bridge in the distance
tp8010153.jpg (41358 bytes)
Phlox; from a speeding bus
tp8010154.jpg (24159 bytes)
Edinburgh Castle in the distance
tp8010155.jpg (27405 bytes)
Edinburgh Skyline
That's the Forth Bridge WA-A-A-Y out there.
Firth of Forth from Edinburgh Castle
Zoomed in a bit closer
Same view as previous one
Taking a well-earned rest!
Mary at Edinburgh Castle
No wonder it was so formidable!
Upper ward ...
We're only part way to the top.
... at Edinburgh Castle ...
See all the defense ports?
... from the middle ward.
tp8010162.jpg (68847 bytes)
Edinburgh Castle
Built in the late 11th century.
St Margaret's Chapel
This is a REAL person!! We saw him move.
Painted person/statue on the street

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