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Index to My Ancestors' Names

I've posted information about my ancestors on separate pages in the form of Ahnentafel charts. If you're looking for a particular surname, check below to see if that name is listed on one of my other pages. To make your search easy, try typing "Control F" to pop up your "Find" box, and type in the name you're looking for.

If you find we connect on any genealogical lines, drop me a note and let me know. It's always fun to find a new cousin.

If not, you can always check my "Links" page for other great places to find connections.

You might even find something to help you out on one of my other pages, so stick around awhile, take your time, explore, enjoy yourself, and let me know what you think.

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My Claypool Family Ahnentafel Including ANGELL, Bartholomew, Beauclerc, Berenger, Billung, Capet, Cecil, CLAYPOOL, d'Heristal, de Courtenay, deBOHUN, FITZ-ALAN, Goushill, Harrington, Henson, Martel, Metcalfe, PLANTAGENET, Quarles, Rookes, Taillefer, and WINGFIELD.

My Clifton Family Ahnentafel Including Avery, Browne, Caldwell, Claypool, CANADAY, CLIFTON, Dever, GUM, Lenna, Povey, SHEARER, SHEPARD, Smith, Summers, Triplett and Wyrick.

My Larimore Family Ahnentafel Including AUGHENBAUGH, BERRY, Burks, CARSON, Conway, CRAIG, Dice, DOYLE, Farmer, Forsythe, FULKS, GANAWAY, Galt, Godfrey, Goodhue, Gunning, HALES, Harter, Heilman, Henkel, HOLLAND, HUBBARTT, KINTNER, Kyser, Lamb, LARIMORE, Lee, LORTON, Lowden, McKENZIE, Mohr, Morgan, NICHOLS, Poole, Powell, REED, Richardson, Riggs, Schmeltzer, Schmidt, Shuler, Simon, Smith, Southern, TAYLOR, Watson, WEST, Wheeler, Whipple, Wildt, Wilson, and WRIGHT.

My McKenzie Family Ahnentafel Including Berryman, Davenport, Douglas, Graham, Graves, Holloway, McKENZIE, McKINZIE, Graves, HOUCHIN, LARIMORE, MARTIN, Morris, PATTERSON, Perkins, Reynolds, Shirley, SINCLAIR, SPENCER and WADE.

My Myers Family Ahnentafel Including Abt, Arnold, BARNETT, Barthel, Baumgartner, Boels, Bowe, Buchers, Buergin, Buess, Burwell, Buser, CLIFTON, Daegen, DšRinger, Edwards, Elbert, Ellett, Farr, Frey, Frey, Fritsch, Gangloff, Gerrard, Grieder, Gryf, Gysin, Haegler, Haegler, Heid, Hšckel, Imhof, INGLES, Kebble, Keyser, Keyser, Lewis, Lobstein, Luedin, Luedin, Lutz, Mangold, Marshall, MARTIN, McCARTNEY, MELTON, Meyer, Mills, Moler, MOORE, MYERS, Newton, Nickson, Nixon, Nutter, Oberer, Palmer, Parkes, Poor, Pfarr, PFRIMMER, Pownall, Pratteler, PRICE, Rufflin, Salsbury, Schaeffer, Schaeublin, Schaub, Schaub, Schweitzer, Schwiezer, SENN, Shearer, Spillmann, Stahel, Strub, Sutter, Syffert, Tillier, Tschudin, Velt, Voegtlin, Von Arx, Wagner, WEBB, Welsh, WHITE, Worth, Worth, Wuerz and Zimmer.

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Graphics by McKenzie

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"Bless you all and keep you on the road to tenderness,
Heaven can be yours just for now."
Gordon Lightfoot

McKenzie's Mint

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